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Blueberry Bushes

About Blueberry Bushes

Growing Blueberry Bushes in your landscape is easy and rewarding. And we have the varieties that’ll get your landscape rocking and rolling! 

About Rabbiteye Blueberry Bushes

All of our Blueberry shrubs are Rabbiteye Blueberries. Historically, blueberries were more of a northern crop. However, Rabbiteye Blueberries changed that. They grew natively in the Southern U.S. before being cultivated. Fast forward to today, and we have numerous different cultivars, each with delectable berries that any Southerner should consider adding to their landscape. Furthermore, they have VERY few pest concerns.

Types of Rabbiteye Blueberry Bushes

We have classic Rabbiteye varieties that many have heard of, including the very popular Climax Blueberry and Premier Blueberry.

However, we have branded varieties as well. For example, the Takes the Cake Blueberry and Bless Your Heart Blueberry from the Southern Living Plant Collection were explicitly bred to bring out their best attributes. These unique breeds make for more tasty fruit, controlled growth, and increased hardiness.

When planting rabbiteye blueberry bushes, you should plant two or more varieties. Growing more than one variety will allow the plants to cross-pollinate, yielding better fruit. The more varieties you have, the better.

Important Note:
These deciduous plants will arrive dormant if ordered from late fall to early spring.