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About our Tools

Plants by Mail offers a selection of tools to help get your garden growing. We have garden gloves, pruning shears and our new soil test kits that will help you determine what soil amendments you need to take your landscape to the next level.
5oz. Bio-tone Starter Plus
(7 customer reviews)


4lb. Bio-tone Starter Plus
(5 customer reviews)


Espoma Organic Azalea-Tone – 4lb Bag
(2 customer reviews)


Bellingham Blue Palm-Dipped Knit Work Gloves
(4 customer reviews)


Espoma Soil Acidifier – 6lb bag
(1 customer review)


LONARCH Concentrate – Ecofriendly Herbicide
(6 customer reviews)


LONARCH Ready to Use – Ecofriendly Herbicide
(1 customer review)


Plant Koo-z Fabric Flower Pot Cover
(5 customer reviews)