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Shipping and Packaging

How your plants are shipped

We ship all orders either the day after they were placed or the following day depending on volume. Please be conscious of weather conditions in your area when you are placing your order. If it is going to be 90+ degrees, below freezing and snowing, or a hurricane is headed your way consider waiting until the weather will be milder. This will help ensure that your plant will do well in transit and milder temperatures are better for planting anyway. The plants are pulled the same day they are going to ship from the nursery The plant pulling crew has been trained to pick the highest quality plants from our inventory for your order. Their motto is to “only pick the plant that you would want to send to your mother” Next, the plants are tagged and placed in a bag with a drawstring and tied to prevent any soil spillage in transit
Next, your plants will be secured in one of our custom-made boxes we have designed to ensure safe transit of your plants to your doorstep.
and the box is taped up and a detailed packing list is placed on the outside of your box, and presto.. your plants are on the road to your doorstep!

Other information on shipping

  • All plants are shipped through UPS or FedEx ground service unless a different transit time is requested at the time of order.
  • It is typical for the root ball and soil to be shaken up/loosened up in shipping. This will not be considered “damage”
  • Also, we try to pack for the bumps and turbulence that the plants will experience along the way, but minor branch breakage and minor leaf loss(from vibrations) is fairly common. Minor leaf loss and branch breakage will not be considered “damage”.
  • If your plant is damaged in transit or if for any reason you think your plant is unhealthy please contact [email protected] within the allotted time frame outline in our guarantee. We will typically ask for a photo of the plants in question to help assess your damage claim.
  • Check out the specs and photos of our plant pots here
  • Please contact us if you have any questions