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Autumn Cheer™ Encore® Azalea

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Well suited for borders or small accent spaces Autumn Cheer ’s lovely medium pink blooms in spring summer and fall add a splash of spirit to any landscape.

The Autumn Cheer Encore Azalea is a powerhouse bloomer that produces multitudes of eye-catching blooms! The Cheer reblooms bright, rich-pink blooms in spring, summer, and fall.  These flowers have 5 petals with a splash of magenta pink freckles in the throat. Each tends to span about 1.25″ across, so they’re some of the most petite azalea blooms around. What they lack in bloom size, though, they make up for in bloom production. They tend to emerge in bloom clusters containing 4-6 flowers.


The foliage is a glossy and rich evergreen. Furthermore, it also features winter bronzing that provides some additional seasonal color interest. Each leaf is short and rounded with a light hairiness to them.


The Autumn Cheer Encore Azalea is considered a true dwarf variety and reaches 3ft x 3.5ft when mature.

This small variety is perfect for containers, small gardens, mixed garden beds, and low-hedges. Use it as a middle ground plant if planting in a mixed garden bed.


The Autumn Cheer Encore Azalea is popular with hummingbirds and butterflies because of its bright, tubular blooms.


Check out the Autumn Cheer’s sibling, the Autumn Ruby Encore Azalea. It’s an incredibly similar plant, except it features grapefruit red blooms. Otherwise, take a look at the Autumn Jewel Encore Azalea, another variety that is commonly popular with pollinators.


Autumn Cheer Encore Azalea Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 6a-10b, so it’s one of the more cold-hardy Encore Azaleas.

The Autumn Cheer Encore Azalea requires 4-6 hours of direct sun to grow and bloom properly.

Plant in slightly acidic soil with good drainage for optimum plant health.

Water 2-3 times per week during the first growing season for best results. In the second growing season, water 1-2 times weekly. Afterward, provide supplementary water in times of drought.

Fertilize with an acidic plant fertilizer of your choice in spring. Reapply fertilizer a couple times yearly for increased growth.

Mulch your Autumn Cheer Encore Azalea to promote moisture retention.


Spacing Your Autumn Cheer Encore Azalea 

Space Your Autumn Cheer Encore Azalea 2.5 feet apart for seamless planting. Otherwise, plant them over 3.5 feet apart for gaps between plants.

How to Plant Encore Azaleas


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