Autumn Ivory® Encore® Azalea

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About Autumn Ivory® Encore® Azalea

The Autumn Ivory Encore Azalea is a low-growing, dynamite azalea perfect for lighting up your landscape with bright white blooms! Autumn Ivory produces dozens of pure white blossoms from spring through fall. Furthermore, each flower is single-form with five wide petals.

The foliage on the Autumn Ivory Encore Azalea is evergreen, glossy and pointed, with slight fuzz. These leaves range from bright green to rich dark green.

The Autumn Ivory Encore Azalea is naturally compact, in fact, it’s one of the smallest, most dense Encore Azaleas around! It reaches a mature size of 2.5′ H x 3′ W. Therefore, it’s an ideal foreground plant.

Use this azalea in your landscape or garden as an accent in a mixed garden bed, low hedge or border, foundation planting, or in a low-maintenance mass planting. The Autumn Ivory is also great for planting in large pots either in a mixed container or a standalone.

Check out a couple other white blooming varieties, the Autumn Angel Encore Azalea and Autumn Moonlight Encore Azalea.

Autumn Ivory Encore Azalea Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 7-10, down to 0° F once completely established.

Allow for 4-6 hours of sun daily for maximum bloom and foliage potential.

Water 2-3 times per week during the first growing season. Provide water 1-2 times per week during the second growing season. After the first two growing seasons, the Autumn Ivory Encore Azalea only requires supplementary water during times of drought.

Plant in acidic soil with good drainage for best results. Highly alkaline soil will result in yellowing leaves due to difficulties absorbing nutrients.

Fertilize once or twice during the growing season with an acidic plant fertilizer to promote growth and the overall health of the plant. Additionally, top-dress your soil with 3-4 inches of compost or composted manure to feed your plant throughout the growing season.

Spacing Your Autumn Ivory Encore Azalea 

Space your Autumn Ivory Encore Azalea 3 feet apart for a seamless planting. Otherwise, plant them 4+ feet apart for gaps between plantings.

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Common Name
Autumn Ivory® Encore® Azalea
Scientific Name
Rhododendron hybrid 'Roblev'
USDA Zones
, , , , , , ,
Average Size

17 reviews for Autumn Ivory® Encore® Azalea

  1. Anonymous

    This little Autumn Ivory Encore azalea is healthy with blooms. It was packed well and arrived promptly. It has only been in the ground for about a week or so but is doing well here in Fredericksburg, VA.

  2. Gary S. – Marshallville, GA

    I ordered 9 one gallon size ‘Autumn Ivory’ on a Wednesday and the following Monday they were on my doorstep. Perfect size, well packaged, speedy (and free) shipping, and they confirmed the order with a UPS tracking number. I’m putting together an order for camellias and more azaleas right now since I know Plants by Mail can be trusted.

  3. Rex

    Ordered plant I needed, it was packaged very securely. I unboxed it and it was just like I picked it up at the nursery. It was here in 2 days.I don’t know. what more they could have done to make it a better experience.

  4. dlewisfl (verified owner)

    I ordered six one gallon size ‘Autumn Ivory’ on Friday and they arrived following Tuesday. They were securely packaged and arrived in great condition, better than what I have purchased from Lowes or Home Depot and on par with a good nursery. Shipping was free given my order size – a great deal!!

  5. gwaller (verified owner)

    Very swift and secure shipping for six Autumn Ivory Encore Azalea. Very healthy, beautiful plants with many blooms. Thank You!

  6. Kenneth Bateman (verified owner)

    Wish I could add more stars! I contacted the vendor and asked about azalea’s. The young man was happy to answer all of my questions in detail which I really appreciated. Although they did not have any in stock they have the fantastic option of allowing you to be placed on an on line email list of when the plants in question are available. I received a prompt email when the plants were available so I immediately placed my order. I was really impressed with the level of care taken to pack and ship the 4 plants that I purchased (2 gallon size). Both boxes arrived in tact several days after I placed my order. When I unpacked the plants they were clearly identified by their color, size etc. The plants had also been shipped with a plastic bag around the roots presumably to keep them hydrated so that they wouldn’t dry out while being shipped. I really appreciated their attention to detail in ensuring that I knew which plants were which and that I would receive healthy plants. I look forward to doing business with them again in the future and I have also recommended them to some of my neighbors who were interested in the plants that I purchased.

    Great Job. Keep it Up!

  7. Nancy (verified owner)

    Loved how the plants looked and very well packaged! I will defiantly use this company again. My plants that I ordered looked as good as the plants at our at my local nursery. Also loved the free shipping!

  8. Iris (verified owner)

    They are so beautiful

  9. babysnoooks (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 three gallon and they’re lovely. Received them promptly and they were packaged perfectly.

  10. maude023 (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering plants online. Plants by Mail was recommended by several gardeners I follow on YouTube. What a find! I ordered 3-2 gallon Autumn Ivory Azaleas which I could not find at any local nurseries. The high quality plants came packaged very well. They have been in the ground for almost a month and look great. I do like the options of sizes offered as I have to work around tree roots. I will definitely continue to order plants online due to the convenience and quality!

  11. johnfj44 (verified owner)

    Great looking plants. Shipping boxes are well made – good engineering. They are in the ground and doing well with frequent watering. I’ll stop by your place in AL and say thanks when next heading for Orange Beach.

  12. Peggy (verified owner)

    Arrived very healthy and have survived nicely.

  13. Tom

    Repeat customer. Part of a multiple order. One item arrived quickly. This item was delayed getting out of the warehouse. All arrived in great shape.

  14. Maria (verified owner)

    Gorgeous plants, great service!

  15. Chip (verified owner)

    Nice plants, but a little smaller than expected

  16. finley brown (verified owner)

    excellent.. prompt shipping and very good boxing

  17. Laura Pflugfelder (verified owner)

    Excellent! This was first time ordering by mail and I am so pleasantly pleased by the great condition my Autumn Azalea arrived. There was a dent in box during shipment but it did not affect the plant. Very healthy, green, nice size and a few blooms! Highly recommend.

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