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Autumn Twist® Encore® Azalea

(45 customer reviews)

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About Autumn Twist® Encore® Azalea

The Autumn Twist Encore Azalea is guaranteed to knock your socks off! This reblooming azalea features unique magenta purple and crisp white blooms that emerge in unpredictable patterns. Some have purple stripes, some are all white with purple spots, while some emerge completely purple! Additionally, the latter heavily resembles the Autumn Royalty Encore Azalea.

This random bloom nature creates a fantastic display when planted in groups. An initial bloom symphony of white and magenta will greet you in spring. Afterward, expect the Autumn Twist to bloom up to 2 more times; with up to 3 bloom cycles being possible every year!

The Autumn Twist’s evergreen foliage emerges a soft green before maturing to a darker green hue. Furthermore, these soft, elliptically-shaped leaves come to a defined point on the end.

The Encore Twist is one of the larger Encore Azaleas reaching a mature size of 4.5ft H x 4ft W. At this size, it’s perfect as an informal hedge you don’t want to worry about maintaining.

Try it as a foundation planting, hedge, container, or specimen. Alternatively, use it as a mass planting for a truly remarkable display.

Autumn Twist Encore Azalea Care

Hardy in USDA Zones 6a-10b.

Plant in Full Sun for best results. Encore Azaleas need to receive 4-6 hours of direct sunlight or all-day lightly filtered sun. Consequently, too little sun will result in the Encore Twist having reduced bloom potential.

This purple and white blooming azalea prefers well-draining, rich garden soil with a slightly acidic pH. Poor draining soil will eventually result in root rot.

Water regularly after planting, 2-3 times per week during average weather conditions. However, increased water will be required in times of intense heat and drought. After a growing season or two, your plant will rarely need supplementary water.

Fertilize your Autumn Twist Encore Azaleas in spring with a slow-release Acidic Fertilizer to keep the blooms coming season after season!

Spacing Your Autumn Twist Encore Azalea 

Space your Autumn Twist Encore Azalea 3 feet apart for a seamless planting. Otherwise, plant them 4+ feet apart for gaps between plantings.

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Common Name
Autumn Twist® Encore® Azalea
Scientific Name
Rhododendron ‘Conlep’
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Average Size
4.5' H x 4' W
Bloom Season
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45 reviews for Autumn Twist® Encore® Azalea

  1. Andy (verified owner)

    The plants that come from Plants By Mail are always healthy. The shipping has always been great until this last shippment, which sent these plants 4 to a box in a laying down position. This is a mistake on every level. FedEx dropped one of the boxes on it’s end causing 2 of the plants to dislodge from it’s, what is loosley called restraint and landing on top of the other two. This method also allows for the potting medium to loosen up and spill out. The upright shipping method is very well thought out and in my opinion should be the only one considered as safe transport.

    • Team PBM

      Good morning Mr Andy. I was contacted about this issue on the 19th. Two of your plants were replaced per your request and were delivered on the 24th. Were these not acceptable to you? Please contact customer service if you need further assistance. – Christy

  2. Keith (verified owner)

    Azaleas arrived healthy and in great condition. They are packaged very well for shipping. FedEx had slightly damaged the boxes, but the plants inside weren’t damaged.

  3. Terry Seeman (verified owner)

    Tree came looked sick, had a severe case of Brown Spot all through entire plant did everything trying to save it but it died in less than a week. Scratched limbs and trunk no green to be seen.

  4. Tanya English (verified owner)

    I cannot believe how healthy these plants are!! They arrived in decent time and very well packaged. I will definitely be purchasing from Plants by Mail again!

  5. Eugene Tredway (verified owner)

    Arrived quick and packaged well

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