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Oakland® Holly Tree

(11 customer reviews)

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About Oakland® Holly Tree

The Oakland Holly from the Southern Living Plant Collection is perfect for adding some reliable structure to your landscape! This evergreen grows in a naturally rigid, upright structure. Additionally, its leaves are oak-shaped and dark green, outlined with a light green edge.

In late winter, the iconic festive red berries characteristic of hollies appear, providing some fantastic seasonal interest. Additionally, birds enjoy these berries immensely, as well as the reliable shelter.

This tree’s refined growth habit requires no pruning, making it one of the most low-maintenance varieties around.

Once achieving the appropriate height, this plant is ideal as a nearly impenetrable privacy screen. Just try and make it through this heavy-duty beauty!

Oakland Holly Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 6-9, down to -10°F when completely established.

Grows best in Full Sun to Part Shade. Furthermore, provide at least 4-5 hours of sun daily to ensure that its foliage is dense and attractive.

Water 2-3 times per week during the first growing season. During its second season, water 1-2 times per week depending on the weather. Afterward, it only needs supplementary water during times of extreme heat and drought.

Plant in slightly acidic soil for best results. If your soil is too alkaline, mix in some elemental sulfur to lower its pH.

Fertilize your tree with Holly-tone or another acidic plant fertilizer 2-3 times during the growing season, starting in early spring.

How to Plant:

First, determine your planting location. Next, dig a hole that is about three times as wide as the root ball of your plant. The hole should be deep enough that the top of your plant’s root ball is even with or slightly above the native ground around it.  Mix the native soil that you removed from the hole with some good quality garden soil or composted manure. Fill the hole with the soil mixture. Layer 3-4 inches of mulch around the base of your plant to help the soil retain moisture. Lastly, water your new planting deeply to hydrate the plant and settle the soil/mulch.

Spacing Your Oakland Holly Trees

For seamless plantings, plant your Oakland Holly 6 feet apart. Space them 9+ feet apart for gaps between the plants.

Suggested Companion Plants

The attractive, reliable foliage of the Oakland is a dynamic background for many different plants. They look fantastic with some reblooming roses like the It’s A Breeze Groundcover Rose or Red Double Knock Out Rose, or reblooming azaleas such as the Autumn Fire Encore Azalea. It also pairs well with the Sunshine Ligustrum, Orange Rocket Barberry, and most Gardenias.

Why Buy Oakland Holly Trees Online from

We carefully select healthy Hollies that are matured in their pots and ready to take off in your landscape. We water them, securely package them for shipment in our custom boxes, and ship them straight to your front door. If you’re not happy with your plants upon arrival, let us know and we’ll be happy to make it right.

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Scientific Name
Ilex hybrid 'Magland' PP14417
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
15-20' H x 12-15' W
Bloom Season

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11 reviews for Oakland® Holly Tree

  1. Debra (verified owner)

    I ordered the three gallon size and it looks phenomenal with healthy green leaves and a few berries. It came snuggly packed and well protected. So pleased with my Oakland Holly. I’m in zone 8.

  2. Ma conner (verified owner)

    My plants are already showing signs of growth. Very happy and may have to purchase more from this company. Price was great as well. Thank you!

  3. Cynthia Martin (verified owner)

    All 4 Oakland Holly arrived looking very happy and well packed. New growth was present on arrival. Waited 4 days to plant. They’re still putting out new leaves and getting taller. One is behind with no new growth yet, but looks ok. We’re in 90 degree weather for days now and the ladies seem to be doing just fine.

  4. ljsbay (verified owner)

    Our Oakland Holly arrived 4 days after ordering with a snow storm in between. Excellent shipping condition and very healthy. Used it as our Christmas tree and now the goal is to plant outdoors. Looking for recommendations to plant during winter in Zone 7a.

  5. James Robbins (verified owner)

    Healthy good looking shrubs!

  6. hendersonc

    I love Plants by Mail, all plants arrive beautifully and intact, I am very satisfied with the customer service! Awesome!

  7. Matthew Nestander (verified owner)

    Great looking plants that arrived quickly and in good shape. I would recommend plants by mail again.

  8. Ramon Reyes (verified owner)

    It’s great that I can mail-order a hard-to-find holly. The beautiful plant arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

  9. Flora B Secrest (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the purchase.

  10. Sharon Bernstein (verified owner)

    I received my tree well packaged and looks very healthy. It has been in the ground about 3-4 weeks and has put on new growth. I am very happy with this company as I ordered other shrubs and they all came well packaged, look healthy and are doing very well after planting! Thank you!

  11. Sandra Bellomy (verified owner)

    This plant came beautifully packaged. It looks so healthy. I live in zone 7b, it’s about 60° and I’m very excited to get it planted today, 1.8.2020

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