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Encore® Azaleas

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About Encore® Azaleas

The Encore Azalea collection of azaleas is the world’s bestselling multi-season blooming azalea. In fact, Encores are the only patented azalea brand that not only bloom in spring but in summer and fall as well. Additionally, they are naturally dwarf to intermediate in size, which allows them to fit in perfectly with any landscape.

Encore Azalea Care Tips

All Encore Azalea varieties require 4-6 hours of sun daily to grow and bloom properly. Alternatively, all-day lightly filtered sun works as well.

These varieties require slightly acidic soil to properly absorb nutrients. If your soil is alkaline, supplement your soil with elemental sulfur to gradually lower the pH. All azaleas will likely struggle in unmodified heavy clay soil.

Water your new plantings 2-3 times a week in average weather conditions. Be sure to soak the soil underneath them every time in order to encourage extensive root growth.  If you’ve had a lot of rain or extensive drought/dry heat, increase or decrease watering accordingly.

History of the Encore Azalea

In the early 1980s, plant breeder and horticulturist, Buddy Lee, developed the first Encore Azalea. He noticed a tray of young azaleas blooming in the summer sun at his Louisiana azalea nursery. Because of this, he came up with the idea to cross-breed classic spring-blooming azaleas with rare summer-blooming azaleas from Taiwan. As a result, he created a multi-season blooming azalea. Fast forward to today, and the collection has 31 varieties in a wide array of colors, sizes, and shapes. Year after year, Encore Azaleas put on a flashy show of brilliant colored blooms!

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